Request for Rights (RFR)Edit

Often, admins will appoint users of their choice rights but if you feel you want to work hard for this wiki, you can request positions here.


Admin/Content ModEdit

These two are technically the same. How about we refer to it as Admin?Edit

  • Must have been on for 6 months at least
  • Must have 3,000 or more edits
  • Must be responsible, and have at least 5 vouches
  • Must not have been banned more than two times before


  • Must have clean chat history
  • Need to have been on for at least three months
  • At least 5 vouches
  • Must be on chat a lot and be diplomatic

Discussion modsEdit

  • Need to be on threads a lot, and sorting arguments
  • Must have 5 vouches at least
  • Need to be on for at least three months


  • Need to have been on for at least one month
  • Need to be problem-solvers and have reverted a few bad edits before (this needs to be proved via contribs).


Name of Nominee


Meets Requirements?

Why do you consider yourself eligible? (3 sentences minimum).


Requests below this lineEdit